Revedy gives investors an edge by providing tools and insights for better short-term rental investing. We’ve launched Revedy Realty to provide the next level of service and support to our investors.

To create the first vertically-integrated end to end solution for short term rental investors: identify, evaluate, acquire, manage, optimize.

As this asset class grows from its current $1.2T valuation to $5T in the next 10 years, Revedy Realty will be where both retail and professional investors go to source and dispose of STRs through our in-house network of agents and online marketplace.

"As Principal Broker for Revedy Realty, my sole focus is to give you the executive treatment you deserve. From listing at the right price to making the best offer, I will be there every step of the way. I am immersed every day in all aspects of the process - comparable home price analysis, property surveys, credit reports, open houses, HOA agreements, lenders, title companies, homeowners’ insurance, walk-throughs, terms of sale or purchase, repairs, concessions and closing documents and much more - and I will put that expertise to work for you. I know buying or selling your home is a big decision and my job is to help make it as easy, stress-free and successful as possible."

~Max Woolums